The Studio

We work to create an inviting, intimate atmosphere for all of our clients, regardless of their age or fitness level. Some of our clients are overweight or recovering from injuries while others are in top physical condition. The studio varies from tranquil to lively, depending upon the time of day, and we will do our best to match you with the instructor and appointment time that best fit your needs.

Our studio includes all major Pilates apparatus including reformers, a cadillac, wall units, wunda chairs, a ladder barrel and a ped-a-pul. We have two Gyrotonic Pulley Towers.  We also use smaller items such as arc barrels, gym balls, foam rollers, free weights, flex bands, magic circles and Yamuna Body Rolling balls.

We have a contemporary approach to Pilates, staying true to Joseph Pilates' teachings while incorporating modern exercise science. Our Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis teachers have all been licensed to teach by GYROTONIC INTERNATIONAL and will provide you with a safe, challenging and satisfying workout.