Private Sessions • 60 minutes

During private sessions, one instructor works with one client. The instructor will evaluate the client's fitness level and specific issues and design each session to help meet the client's goals. Private sessions provide more personalized attention and may be more appropriate if you have current or past injuries. Some clients use private sessions to prepare for duet sessions or classes if appropriate. Sessions can include use of the Pilates apparatus (the trapeze table, reformer, chair and ladder barrel), the Gyrotonic® pulley tower, Gyrokinesis® exercises, Yamuna Body Rolling, trigger point self-massage, small equipment (gym balls, free weights, foam rollers and magic circles), mat work, and stretching. Sessions are available by appointment seven days a week and from 6 am through 8 pm on most days. Click for pricing.

Duet Sessions • 60 minutes

Duet sessions are much like private sessions but include two clients working with one instructor. If you know someone you would like to work out with that is at about the same fitness level as you, you can schedule a duet session together. If you do not have anyone in mind, we recommend you take a private lesson where we will evaluate your fitness level and try to match you with an appropriate duet partner. Click for pricing.